Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sold: Story of Modern-day Slavery

I found this book while checking a bookstore at Timesquare last month..I was actually looking for a book, about a little girl being sold by her mother, but couldn't remember the title..haiya...i am very keen to read that book..Anyway, i asked the staff there to look for a book entitle SOLD and there's a little girl on the cover. He check on the system, and said that the book sold is under woman eductaion, something like thatla..then i said..ok la..just let me check that book first..

The book was awesome!

Zana Muhsen (born 1965) and her sister, Nadia (born 1966) were sisters of Yemeni and british origin who were born and brought up in Birmingham, England. They were sent to Yemen in 1980 on a purported holiday to meet the paternal side of their family, but sold unaware into marriage in by their father, Muthanna Muhsen, a Yemeni émigré.

Its a true story and i can't stop wondering, why a father can do such thing to his little girls! Looking at their photos taken by journalist, Eileen McDonald, i can imagine days that they have to go through everyday. Not even know their husband, far from loving them, being rape by their so called husband and getting so much impossible housework...omg.

My heart cry when the writer explained every details on all the days she have to live with. After 6 years she finally reunite with her mother, and with the help of so many people, she finally back to England.

After being reunited with her mother, Zana expressed unhappiness in England, and was quoted by McDonald, "I want to go back to Taiz [where she had lived in Yemen] and get a job. I will visit England when I want to. I am not sure I want to be a British woman anyway. I don't like the short skirts; it's disgusting."However, she remained in England and in 1992, wrote Sold: Story of Modern-day Slavery with the ghostwriter Andrew Crofts, describing her experiences.

A very sad story yet can learn so many things from it. Well, sometimes, we took things for granted, even when getting wooden toys for a birthday gift, we will just put it aside and never appreciate it. Do you know that Zana's child only use muds and dusts as a toy? Yep, she has a son, but she has to leave him there when she returned to England. The Yamen government forbid her to take her son with her to england.

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