Friday, July 30, 2010

When In Sabah :)

I keep on reminding myself that i haven't even reach 1 month stying here and Do Not conclude anything yet! ha ha..but yea, i love describing everything around me..what i think and what i see..

What i really hate it here is the pedestrian ! okay, not ALL of them, but those who always give me heart attack! i don't get it, that MOST of the pedestrian will just crossing the road without any warning, and well out of nowhere...i will have to do my emergency break every time! I don’t understand why, they just don't want to be careful, i mean just please do not do that! Don't just suddenly crossing the road, like as if, you’re not there-driving through! urgh!

Where i stay, is a brand new apartment with a very urban style design. With those fantastic mirror wall for the units and so on..But guess what, my neighbor downstairs, put all his family's shoes, slipper and so on, on the stairs, which we have to use everyday to go to our unit! They should think of other people safely, what is someone is carrying things to go up, and suddenly stepped on those shoes? hissss...i am so very marah! They should just buy camping equipment and put a camping zone outside the unit!

Oh i do not mean i hate Sabah no no....i love Sabah.. I was just mentioning on some situation that i hate it here..well it can be happen to anyone anywhere also bah.. :)

But when you are in your land, you will feel welcome everywhere you go. Understand each other jokes and stories. i heart Sabah!

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