Tuesday, October 5, 2010

All i have to do is....Dream...

I survive my three months here! :)

I just regret that i have to buy lots of new stuffs-again, as i left them all at KL. Argh, stress...Even my oven for my fav Homemade Roasted Chicken and my LCD :(

Life is getting good, i just have to blend with the new environment. Maybe sometime i am a bit stress when i am looking at the white wall, imagining its my LCD TV, when i have no one but me to talk with. Maybe i have to keep everything myself, because someone already accuse me to complain too much, yea, so i decide to 'complain' to myself, if i have something in mind..Then only i realize, not everyone can share what i have in mind. That's hit me!

Oh and i am thinking about my own dream house, where i can have my beautiful room, with my walk in wardrobe-ah and of course a small garden where i can plant lots of veges! He he..I will adopt one cute little doggy to accompany me, and not to forget my mini library, where i can spend my days reading and reading and reading..whenever i want...:D...plus cute complete kitchen too !

See, cute rite :D...But yea, i will have to work day and night for it, err..he he..At least thinking about it makes me happy..And i think thats the only thing that can make me happy now..Me, a little cute puppy and a cute small house..awww... :)

1 comment:

Tina said...

Hi Tata!
Glad to know that you're doing well and looking ahead. All the best with that cute house and cute doggie!

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