Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Adat

When my friend Lita announce that her boyfriend had proposed, all of us-the girls, with eye open wide started screaming 'shut upp!!!!', and get really excited. Well of course starting to ask how he propose, when, how she react and stuffs..ha ha..

She officially announce her E day via face book, using cutely created video and start busy with all her E day preparation :).

During discussion with families on her E day programs, well of course custom 'adat' is the main discussion. Of course as a young generation, we have a very little knowledge in adat, and sometimes confuse on why should we have to follow it.

One of the interesting adat we come to know is during the engagement the man's family (of course including himself) have to go back before the sunset. I haven't get to know the main purpose, but as the elders says, it is so wrong for the family of the fiance and himself, to stay at the girl's house on the engagement day. If the man is not from the same area, they can stay until night, but they still have to go back on the same day. No stay back until morning. This adat usually practiced by Penampang Kadazan, and Dusuns. Hmm..not sure about other race.

One of my friend who married a Dutch, actually having a hard time explaining to him about the adat. Of course for him, it doesn't make sense at all. But having the respect of the adat, he and his representative checked in to nearest hotel for the night. Ha!

Its really interesting to get to know all Dusun's adat actually. Especially when its something that i never heard of before. There must be a reason on all the adat, and i always believe that our tribe's adat need to be honored, even how much world has changed.

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