Monday, November 29, 2010

All i want for Christmas...

Its a peaceful night tonight. No noisy sound from the neighbors or some mat rempit with their bike ..Just the sound of the water at the swimming pool beside my apartment..Peaceful...

December comes in few days, and so do my little prayer-will God give me the chance? In a few days, i will know, and everything will change. I really looking forward for that change in my life..and of course the good one :)

I had stop dreaming for other things to happen, and its weird to fell nothing now. Its feel like, i really don't care anymore.

  But God...i want this, uhm...maybe as Christmas present for me? He he he. I never quite for something that i really pray for-even how tough it was. Pleeeeeessseeee :D

i'll decorating my home with big Christmas tree this year! Can't wait for it! :D


Tina said...

Hi Tata! I hope you get your Christmas wish!
Have a happy December!

Malaysia Wedding Classifieds said...

We have sprinkled some magic dust in this blog. Just wait and see.. :)

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