Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Friendship and The Langs

It was 9 years back when all of us, met at KIK Matriculation. Me and Nana in Biology Class, Kuyung,Lita,Jack in Physics Class and Jess the only one in Accounting Class.

Maybe being 'released' from secondary school, away from family makes us close to each other. Those were the old good days, that created the friendship that will  last forever.

 I am the only one who actually from different school, and district. Ha ha...All of them from Keningau and this is the Ranau girl :D..
 (Lita, Kuyung, Jess, Me, Jack)

 In just 1 year, we become very close like sisters,  friend and family. We do almost everything together. Luckily we were not all in the same class...if not..hmmmm..
(Jess, Lita, Me, Jack)
I met Tracy, Ladyia and Olly  some years after that. 3 of them were  friends of the girls back to secondary school and we get along very well as well...
(Jack, Me, Lita, Jess, Kuyung)

And last Saturday our very own Jack finally get married with her high school boyfriend..he he..As the good forever friend, we give her all our 'Girl Power' on her big day! Its a real fun to celebrate our best girl friend's wedding, all girls with all the stupid jokes, teasing and laugh..
(Me, Kuyung, Tracy,Jack, Jess, Ladyia)

(Jack's Wedding)
 Nana married with 2 beautiful children, and same goes with Tracy. But yea, friendship never had limits. They are still the HOT MAMA..! :)

 (Me, Tracy, Jess, Lita, Ladyia)
Sometimes i really miss the those time, when we always have each other..but yea, we all now have our own life, family and responsibility. Even tho we can't spend times together, everyday, as before..it makes us more closer by heart.

To the Langs , look at us now, we all have our own career and life, and  lesser time to hang out. But in our heart, we always be the girl like we used to be..We grow up, become a woman, think and act like one. But only when we together (ONLY ah hehe) we can do stupid things, talk rubbish , mocking people and laugh out loud like we own this world..

4th Dec will be Lita's 'E' Day!! Yayyy...having the girls back to Keningau..see you there lovely Langseus!!

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