Sunday, December 19, 2010

Is life is all about Facebook people?


I am not Facebook fan..But...I love the genius people behind Facebook. They succeed to create such a program that really can change people's life.It's a real engineering.  Just look on the Facebook users now, just count how many hours you will be on Facebook everyday, and look at us now...using Facebook even to post suicide note..Seriously?

I don't know...and i will never understand, what's in it, that some people can spend so many hours with Facebook. Well, i have my Facebook account and i will check it like maybe 10 minutes per day..And i never play any of the games..err..ha ha...

Some people will 'HAVE' to update their status in Facebook every single minute..Maybe it's a second life for some people, where they can create their own 'life stories' in it. It is really strange when i come across some 'friend' Facebook status which is a total lie about their life. It's just that, me and maybe some of the people know the 'real' person is, but saw a different kind of 'updates' from the same person on Facebook..Hmmm..strange..

But i do agree to post important updates on Facebook..It saves time, give exact information and yea, FREE :).. And i agree on social networking in Facebook for self employed people like me :). Its a really good platform to announce my business and do e-PR (oh i just create this term  LOL )?
Maybe like announcing your newly bought metal hole saw ? Or bragging about your annular cutter maybe? Ha ha...

Young generation especially in Malaysia, now like being educated that Internet is equal to Facebook. They only use internet for Facebook. And that's really sad, our young generation will only know Facebook? When they can do a lot of things rather than spend like 4 or 5 hours with Facebook...I don't know, it's just weird...


Tina said...

I haven't 'caught' anyone creating fictional stories/updates about themselves on Fb. No doubt there are people who feel they need to write fantastic but untrue stories just to make themselves feel they are as 'good' as their friends... kind of keeping up with the smart/privilaged crowd. Pity them bcos they're living in a bubble and when it bursts, guess who have to hide their faces?
Totally agree with you about the huge amount of time wasted on Fb!

Haryati Molly @ Tunung said...

If I have to choose books or Facebook, I will definitely choose books than Facebook!

About sharing our life status/update, maybe it's okay if we wanna post our thought/idea but people keep posting every single thing even the trivial one really annoyed me sometime. However, it's their life.

I also agree with Tina about the growing number of "lying" user on FB.

Alv0808 said...

Everybody have a FB now so do the kids..hahhhaa..hiding their DOB to qualifying them having one.

Some used it for their business. FB become a second ID apart of IC hehhee..

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