Sunday, December 5, 2010


The last time i went to Government Hospital was when i was 17, to get all my medical checkup for University admission. Since that was the time for all applicant to get their Medical Checkup done, the hospital had provide a system where we just go directly to the person who handle the tests, and go through all of it in just a few minutes.

Today, after 10 years, i went to government hospital for my migraine checkup. This time i really have to go through everything one by one. And it's uhm terrible! I have to wait for 4 hours to get to see the doctor!

But there was one thing that almost made me cry today, when i was queuing up for the registration. In front of me was a man, his wife and their little daughter. From the way they dressed up, i know they come far from Kota Kinabalu. Maybe from some kampung 300km away from the hospital.

The woman dressed with T-shirt and a sarong. She had a very old handbag, with lots of plastic bags in. The daughter is like 4 or 5 years old, so obvious having a malnutrition, and keep hiding behind her mother. The man, with unidentified colour T-shirt, a long tracksuit and barefoot!

I have enough time to look at them because something had stuck them at the registration. The officer like keep trying to tell them something, and the man like almost have a tears on his face. The mother holding her daughter close, and looking sadly at the husband. Both of them like breathing heavily.

I went closer to the registration counter, and asked the office what happen. I really couldn't bear to see the pain on the father's eye. The officer then told me that they need to pay RM15, for some minor operation they need to do.

Well, it doesn't need a scientist to tell that the man really don't have any money left. He couldn't even afford to buy RM2.50 selipar jepun!

I hand the officer RM20 to pay for their medical fee. She looked at me and asked me am i related to them. Honey, i don't have to be related to anyone, if the pain in the father's eyes almost shed me a tear!

The officer called another two officers and they were discussing something. Then one of them went to me and said "It's ok, you don't need to pay for them..We'll get this solved".. I wanted to ask why in the first place they didn't try to 'solve' it, instead that they keep on asking for the payment? But i didn't..i went and take my sit.

I was really distract with what had happen..I keep on imagining the man's face..Regret why there's still  poor people in Sabah (very very poor)..And why is that no one really do something about this..This is just too sad...

Maybe i can do something about this..and maybe i should start thinking and planning..I just can't figure out anything now..maybe soon..soon..


CrysJoan said...

Yo! proud wd u sis.. kinoulunan ko ie noh..

Tina said...

You're kind and generous, Tata. And your story makes me sad. To think that Sabah is so rich in natural resources and yet we have people who can't even afford flip-flops. The govt can build huge, tall buildings to show the world Malaysia ini hebat but orang sendiri tak boleh jaga.

Next time you see people like this family, take their names and addresses and send them to those in charge of helping poor people in the kampung like the e-kasih.
I know one lady. I'll email you her contact number.

The people at the hospital also acted stupid and uncaring although they could see the man had no money to pay. Maybe when you offered to pay, they takut nanti you lapor. Padan muka diorang.

Verone said...

The system sucks! Up till now I still can't believe they do that to underprivileged people. Thank God for people like you, who act instead of just lament.

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