Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hello hello

Its new year..

And its a brand new life for me..After 5 years..I finally here, on my own home office, doing my own business, and well...so much things to organize..I am not doing million dollar business, no partnership, no supplier meeting, no meeting with investors...just me and my small business :)

There will be no travelling to USA, that i will need visitor insurance usa or anything about visitors health insurance. But yea, i really do impress with the system they had in USA where hospitals can bill insurance company directly, when something happen and you need medication in USA, while visiting. It offer coverage for hospital expenses, out-patient doctor office visits, prescription drugs, medical evacuation and etc..Very smart..and efficient. You do not need to call you agent all the way if you need to claim for the medical insurance.

It was quite a year for 2010, with new experiences, new friends and yep, maybe some new things that i never want it to happen, but it did slap my face..But decision always in my hand, and i know better how to lead my life..

Listing down everything that i need to achieve in 1 year, wow...what a list! ha ha..2011 its time for me to really push myself to my limits..I have wanted this for so long, and here's my opportunity to prove myself..I have list of bills that i need to pay as well, and WOW..ha ha ha ...long list as well!!

A friend told me..2011, its time to grow up! Cheers everyone, for a better life in 2011!


Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

You can DUIT!!

Tina said...

Wishing you all the best in your new business, Tata! May you have a great year!

dopeymooke said...

All the best woman......u r truly a strong independent and smart woman... :)

TataJane said...

Kay : Yess! WE can DUIT!!
Ms Tina : Thank You !!
Gracie Cutie: Urgh! No more DUIT masuk every end of month! ha ha

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