Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Work From Home

Its been 2 weeks for me to work from home..My friends asking how does it feel..Hmmm...Well as someone who used to work with other people, have lots of colleagues, it ain't really fun but yea, still have the fun side of it! hehe

1. You can work anytime and anywhere you want. But make sure you really do your work because sometimes you will feel sooo lazy and you will feel like doing your work later..This is dangerous!

2. You will feel stressed when you face difficulties as there's no one around to talk with. Make sure you have all the motivational books with you :D

3. There will be a lot to do. You will have to do everything from A to Z by yourself.
4. be continue..

Hehe..Maybe this is one of the symptom, you will blog a lot..:)


Kay Kastum said...

Rise and Shine!

CrysJoan said...

mo buku sup ayam lg? hahahha.. utk kasi naik semangat ko.. ^^

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