Friday, February 25, 2011

I wish i could turn back the time...

A thousand apologize to my Programming lecturer back to my uni year ..Sir, i wish i listen to your lecture and i'm truly sorry because i always skip your class :(

Now i learn my lesson in a very hard way..i can't even do any simple programming anymore :(

I can't seem to understand why i can't pass some parameter to another function. Sir i am that stupid, i admit :(

I always thought i can choose not to do it. But now here i am..Loosing track on which and where, when how and so much more..I wish book can explain, but no one like you one..:(

Now i really need to read everything from the start :(


Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

It's OK girl. We can always learn and re-learn stuff. I have all the faith in you because you are awesome! :)

TataJane said...


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