Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Feeding Pain

I watched Oprah just now and its something about a woman who has no memory of her childhood because of some tragedy that she herself dont know what. She was weight 716 pounds and to date she has dropped almost 230 pounds.

She can't remember anything about her life before age 13, which she's realized caused her to overeat. "I'm working with a new therapist who's helping me cope with a lot of pain or trying to find my childhood," she says. "I'm finding out I'm a girl that felt a lot of pain and I had no idea. And I suppressed it and suppressed it. And the only medication you can get to as a child is food."
Feeding pain is what people usually do when they don't know how to express the pain or how to make it go away. This will cause the tendency to do something to distract the pain. Some people don't want to face a problem. they will always think that the problem will go away by itself. they never realize that it will always stay, just waiting for something to trigger it-and only it will explode.

For me, i would say i prefer to talk the problem. But to talk the problem with someone who prefer to hide it is very difficult. Some people just don't want to confront other people to get answer and the solution. They prefer to be the victim not to realize that it kills other people inside.

Alll things that you do or said had a consequences-if you brave enough to do it-you should be brave enough to be responsible for your thought -act or words - rite?

Happy Tuesday people!

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