Monday, April 25, 2011

Ranau Library

I always love reading and i love my books..Recently i went to Ranau Library with my mom(she's a book lover as well :D ) and i was amazed on how the Ranau Library had changed!

It now has its own building, compare to 10 years back when it was located at  upstairs of a shop lot! Thank you to whoever it is to finally realize Ranau needs a better library. Well went inside the library it is quite huge divided into few sections. It also has a multimedia section where some research can be made computerized-no facebooking of course!

I am so excited with the new library-well to consider that i always happy with lots of books around me :). It was a weekdays when i went there for the first time and there was not much people. Second time, yes a lot! At least people know how to appreciate library.

I didn't take any photo as the management is quite strict-but maybe i will take some this week (hope the librarian never read this blog anyway ). I borrow a few books from the library for my work. Hmm but one thing is that the books in the library is not neatly arranged. i was looking for a business and marketing book actually but only find a few and to my astonishment it never been borrowed! The book come in on Jan 2009 and i am the first who borrow it on April 2011..Hmmm
Interesting book actually..maybe not many people realize that the library actually has quite a few interesting books apart from novels. I am really interested in Sales and Marketing but i couldn't afford to enroll myself for any class yet-so yep i use all the resources (free) as i can to get educated, study and maybe will just sit for the exam one day? Sometimes i wonder why is that i study Computer Science before and not Business and Marketing..But i never regret it-i always believe that life is a school - we learn something new everyday.

I share one of the poem from this book: The Ultimate Marketing Plan

A lion met a tiger as they drank beside the pool.
Said the tiger to the lion, “Why are you roaring like a fool?”
“That’s not foolish,” said the lion with a twinkle in his eyes.
“They call me king of all the beasts because I advertise.”

A rabbit heard them speaking, ran homeward like a streak,
Thought he’d try the lion’s trick, but his roar was just a squeak.
A fox was walking by that way, had luncheon in the woods.

The Moral: Never advertise unless you have the goods!

Happy reading people!


Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

Ranau bah tu! Love the Lion story.

TataJane said...

Of course..Ranau ada hospital juga ah

Arms said...

You studying computer science but minat business and marketing ka? Interesting ;)

Eryati said...

besar kan library tu jacynta...

TataJane said...

yaaa..siuk sdh dii :)

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