Tuesday, July 26, 2011

7km charity run...:)

It has been more than a week, but only have the time to post it on by blog ..hehe

Me and bunch of my friends join the 7km run, and it was really fun, and exciting! Well lucky i have been running 1 month earlier, so my stamina is quite ok..hahah...We start from Sutera harbour to Wawasan Plaza.

The crowd is too jam, so we park at Grace Point, and have to walk about 1km to the starting point. Warming up :P..
The starting point..Everyone is excited to run!

This is after we completed 7km run..Sooooo tired but satisfied!
I couldn't meet the rest of my friends because of the crowd..After the run, to tired and we didn't wait for the rest of the event, straight to to Upperstar and grab big burger! Yummy!

 It was really fun, and i will join more marathon or run in Sabah!


Amanda Gaby Peter said...

bgs!semangat belari,,muahahah...

CrysJoan said...

ya!! itu yg kita mau, semangat tuh penting!!

Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

Girls in huge T-shirts..sweating, so sexy.

TataJane said...

of course!! :D

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