Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sabahan Attitude?

Everyday at around 7am in the morning I will ‘force’ myself go out from my apartment and go to work.  Morning, fresh air and too cramp road, 15 to 60 minutes to office, depending on the road traffics.

Everyday five days a week- I use the same road. Same lane most of the time. And sometimes saw the same car in front of me. Ya, im used with the daily morning life. But one thing that always makes me sick is the attitude of these people when it comes to cigarette. 

Yes, those stinky little thing-and killer. But most of the road users having it between their fingers every morning. Breakfast? I don’t know. Maybe just like me need a coffee every morning, they need their cigarette. But what I regret the most is the way they will happily throw the cigarette butt out from their car window once they are done! That’s so irresponsible!

 Walk along KK roads and you will find thousands of cigarette butt . A discarded cigarette butt.  Is this Sabahan attitude or it’s just what all smokers out there do? Throwing as they like after having all the smokes sucked into their lungs?

You see, I am not in a war with smokers. I am not. I just hate their attitude on road, throwing the cigarette butt out of the window – so rude! If they really need to suck all the smoke out of the cigarette, just keep the butt if you cannot swallow or chew it. But do not throw it as you like outside your car. 

Remember, if you don’t like the cigarette butt inside your car, do you think the road-the earth want it?

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