Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday, and it feels good :)

First i want to let my stress out first :

I really have problem with my room. It get dusty easier, and i have to clean, wipe, mop my room everyday! and each time i clean, the amount of dust look like i haven't clean my room for months!

It really annoy me actually, because i have a very sensitive skin and nose, cause me to cough and sneeze everynight..i really hate it.I just want fresh and clean non dusty room and home :( maybe i have to consider buying air purifier for dust..

Ok done.

 He he..

My last blog post was last month..Iya..i am way too busy and i really mean it. My life is filled with my work and my work and my work. For the past 5 weeks, i only have average 3 to 4 hours sleeps, the rest i spend with my work.

But this week, i will finish one of my project! Awesome! i really can't wait for that. I will be doing my final presentation for the system i developed at Promenade Hotel Kota Kinabalu for the system launching. The project is funded by German Government, so yep, high expectation,more work :0

Once the German project done, i will be concentrating on my other project. This one is quite big and i would say a transformation from manual to electronic for some government sectors. This will be the first one to be implemented in Sabah. Will update on that soon, once we do our soft launch by next year :)

And btw, i pass my exam!!! He he..what exam?  exam to get my license to be a Financial Advisor. Awesome awesome :) I didn't sleep last night until i take my exam this morning! Argh, i feel like screaming when the resulted printed and i pass!

Life is getting more manageable and i slowly can see all my plan lined up in front of me. I am so relief that everything i planned now slowly appear at their own place, not scattered around anymore. Thank you dear Lord!

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