Wednesday, February 8, 2012

For 2 more days!

Another 2 days for my (maybe last) vacation for this year. And yes, it's just second month of the year, but hey so much things going on and i don't think i can afford another day off from my boss..heheh..

I am excited, having so many (i mean it) things to settle before my 5 days off, makes me all exhausted..What's next after the trip? Again i have tons of work waiting for me. So i have really have to use my days off wisely and yes happily! :D

I will be on my course for Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certification . There will be 3 exams waiting for me this year, and i pray Lord God, give me the strength. I am not 100% sure yet how am i going to do everything at one time, but i am a firm believer on Where there is a will , there is a way. And i know, i can do it , just not sure yet how..hehe..

well another long day tomorrow for our system design and architecture, so better take my good good rest tonite..Nitey nite people...

Rafting day with my family at Kiulu River. Fun Fun Fun!


HyatiMolly @ Tunung said...

Chaiyo..Chaiyo Tata! You can do it ba..

P/S: enjoy your trip dulu, lps balik trip baru ko fikir psl tu exam..hehehe

TataJane said...

heheh iya..!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Jane, wow! I'm impressed with your outstanding credentials.
Wayyyy to go, young lady.
Here's wishing you good luck, and go exceed yours and everyone's expectations.
Have a great holiday and keep a song in your heart.

de engineur said...

That white water rafting looks fun. Is the place (kiulu rafting) crowded? How do they charge the rafters?

TataJane said...

Hi Uncle lee- wah i did have an awesome holiday! hehe

de engineur - Hmm i think its around 70++ per person. Kiulu river, not that crowded,its just a small kampung. I think only 6 boats per day allowed for the rafting :)

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