Sunday, October 28, 2012

End of Year End of Month End Of week End of the Day

Left 2 days for November , and i'm busy closing yours truly small business account. And yes, doing account thingy can be so tiring especially when there's a lot of thing you forget to 'remind' yourself.

And juggling between my 'official' work and my 'afterwork' work really tiring. I have to switch on my official work at 7am in the morning, and close by 7pm at night. By 9pm i'll start my 'afterwork' work until 12+, and send myself to bed.

Weekend will be spent with friends and families. Time for myself? Hmmm..maybe once in a month? But i am happy with my life now hehe-i am not complaining :D. I almost achieve what i need to achieve before i finally turn 30 ha ha. 30 means i will have more responsibility and should focus on building my life rather than building my career, so i need to work extra hard in my 20s so that i can prepare myself for my 30s..hahah thats sound so pelik. whatever. :D

well i guess the post have to end now - if not my work wont end before the end of the day today,so The End :D..

Happy Sunday everyone!


ChunB said...

Wait till you 30's hehehee..lot things to do. The more you age the more things come up. The good thing become more wiser

stan said...

Gud luck ;)..

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