Thursday, October 25, 2012

PHP : Deprecated: mysql_escape_string()

The website that i currently working on now in a final stage where it need to be uploaded and setup at the client's server.

And i actually just waste my 30 minute trying to figure out what's went wrong with all my codes after I push the script to production server.

I am using mysql_escape_string() in most of my pages and now i get this error :

How to solve? Simple haha:

mysql_escape_string is not depreciated from 5.3 but, for 4.3.0 and above. So any One using PHP version above/or 4.3.0 should use mysql_real_escape_string

So thats it :)


ChunB said...

Must feel so good ahh...have a blessed week

TataJane said...

yeah! feel soooooo good hehehhe

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