Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What is actually in my mind..

I am a programmer or some people call it system developer. My work is to do the thinking other people don't want to do- that's what i do for a living. I think.

I like to think and do calculation and making logic. My judgement is only based on math and logic and structure. If the math is correct, does it logic? If its logic will it provide a good structure for the foundation?
When all lead to YES, then i will start typing my codes, hundreds and thousands of lines, to build one perfect system for the client.

When i work, i love quite uninterrupted place. Where i can do all the math inside my brain before my fingers start moving typing the codes. When the logic become hard, my brain work really hard and i will be easily annoyed even with simple not-so-funny conversation.

Programmers is not weird person, they just being themselves, thinking and structuring. Well at least they are more realistic than some people who converse a lot or very loud but well an empty can. Not all, some people can be very loud but they have the brain or at least vision in life.

I might be very quiet ( sometimes ), that is when i analyzing new people or people i don't really know. I prefer to absorb all the talking rather than do the talking. Sometimes i just laugh at some stupid boasting talk some people will do to impress other people. Gosh, maybe the saying "It's better to keep silent and be thought as a fool , than to speak and remove all doubt" is indeed true :)

So when some people very quiet, don't simply judge them by saying they have the cruelest mind or cold or stupid or do not mingle or whatever negative judgment you have in mind. before you put any judgment on other person, make sure you are perfect. If not, you just another dog who bark the loudest but doesn't bite. After all action is better than just mere talking rite? :)


Anonymous said...

Mathlab ko buat jgka?

3d max studio?

TataJane said...

hi Anonymous :)

Mathlab sama 3d max studio masa study dulu ja buat hehe..dua2 main subject dulu, skrg xda sdh prektis buat ingat2 lupa ja hehe..

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