Sunday, June 22, 2014

My Budget Menu Plan for 1 week

So i went to WongKok Wet Market ( it's now located at Cybercity ya) yesterday and bought myself a whole bunch of veggies, fruits, chicken and fish hehe.. I haven't really plan my menu yet, but since i already bought them, so i have to plan my 1 week menu based on the items.

So here is my list:

1. Pakis ( Pucuk paku) - RM2
2. Carrot - RM2
3. Tomato - RM3
4. Chicken Thigh - RM4.50
5. Ikan kembung (7)- RM 7
6. Watermelon - RM7  *Current price RM2/kg*
7. Papaya - Rm1.8 *Current Pricce RM1.8/kg*
8. Fresh Chilli - RM1 *Current price RM2.5/kg*
9. Onion, Garlic, Daun limau Purut - RM 2
10. Lime - RM2
11. Bread - RM3

Total : RM 35.30 

So that's basically gonna be my menu this week hehe.

Now, how should i 'compose' my menu :D... Yesterday's lunch i already cook the pucuk paku and ikan kembung. The menu was  ' Pucuk Paku masak pedas' and 'Ikan kembung goreng'. Delicious lunch i must say hahaha...

The pucuk paku can be eaten for 2 times, so right after i cook, i put half into container, let it coll for a while and keep it in the freezer. And i happily finish out the 1 ikan kembung goreng :D.

For tomorrow's lunch box to office, i'm gonna cook 'Ayam paprik'. The ingredients are simple :  Chicken, carrot, long bean ( i still have it since last week ), chilli, tomato&chilli sauce, garlic.

I'll post the recipe later :D.

Till then, happy Sunday!


Chun Alvianna B said...

Now I know the Wong Kwok Wet market located in Cybercity!!. Thank you for sharing. That is a very well budget for your 1 week menu. Keep it up

TataJane said...

yep only month there i think... and as the song goes '...banyak sayur bole pilih-pilih' :)

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