Sunday, May 23, 2010

A guide for buying laptop

I need new laptop! He he i haven't decide on which laptop should i buy, still considering lots of things especially the COST :( .. of course there's some cheap laptops out there, but they didn't meet my specification..Well its quite (or should i say VERY) expensive, so i really should consider everything..Oh i remember when i was a child, i always love to check on one  Kids Toys store and wish i could get one of the toys for Christmas..And yea, that's how i feel about the laptop now ..He he he :P..

Eh, okay, let me share some things one should consider before buying laptop..Hopefully this can help someone :)

First, you need to decide and define the purpose of your laptop.If you use it for simple office tasks and browsing the Internet or sending e-mails, than a mid-range laptop may be good enough:
  1. Define your budget
  2. Define screen size notebook (13" or 15" or 17")
  3. Define your tasks such as Internet, sys admin, software development, some gaming using Win Vista / 7, dual booting etc.
  4. How many hours of battery life do you need?
  5. Define optical media types - Do you want to watch movies using DVD or Blu ray? Do you want to burn DVDs?
  6. To play games you need a top spec laptop. Please note that Linux has limited support for popular PC gaming titles. So you need to dual boot your laptop with MS-Windows operating systems.
  7. Finally, some people prefer desktop replacements with mobile workstations.
..and for me the RAM is very important..

RAM, or random access memory, is the short-term memory in your computer that Windows uses to run all its applications. When you turn off your computer, the RAM is emptied. RAM is separate from your hard drive, which is the long-term memory for storing your files. Two major types, DDR and DDR2, and both of these come in a number of speeds.

Yea, i did some research on all this, and personally i actually think that its cool to give it as Educational kids toys he he ...

Choose the right RAM speed for your computer. if it run faster that the computer can handle, automatically it will set to run slower. DDR is an older standard common in computers dating from 2000-2002, while DDR2 is newer and easier to find. 


Verone said...

My dell just crashed last Thursday. Had it reformatted but *sigh* how I wish I could get myself a new one with more speed :-) And I wouldn't let the kids see the toystore...too "dangerous" for my purse hehe

TataJane said...

hahah..ya dangerous zone for parents with kids is the toystore! LOL

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