Sunday, January 30, 2011

Funny things about people

Do you agree that it's OK for people to blame someone by someone else past?

Life is unpredictable. Sometimes we know the person we in love with, sometimes we thought we understand the person we've been married for years, sometimes even with the  neighbor we grew up with their smiles. We never understand other people. They are different being.

Some people can say very terrible things to others, but never feel any slight of guilt about it. For them it is something that they feel, and they don't have to feel sorry for it. They praise the Almighty God everyday, without fail.But in their heart, they still judge other people so badly, they forget the basic commandments of God.

Some people will judge someone's else daughter before take a close look at their daughter. They can list down thousands bad things they saw in other people's daughter, with just one day meet, but they never really take a silent moment and look at their own daughter. Had their daughter become someone that make them proud. Is their daughter successful in her life, or living a life as permitted my the God they praise?

There's so much things you will never understand about other people.  Like it or not, you will live in the same world as them. Everyone is not perfect, but some people always think they are perfect.
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