Tuesday, July 5, 2011


It had been quite sometime since I update something here. I am not actually that busy, maybe I am just lazy? :P

I am currently doing some projects which will take one or two years to complete. Indeed, a good thing for the world’s economy (hehe) but I will again, have my sleepless nights and the stress mode will be switching on again..

It’s already July, too fast. I can’t even remember if I had achieve something this year..ha ha..Too fast..way too fast..next month will be August and the ‘ber’ will start, which mean it’s already end of the year!

Well at least I had finally completed my retirement saving plan. Investing few thousand of my retirement saving to make the $$ grow..And yes, I am being very careful, reading through the T&C on the papers before putting my thumb prints on it J.  Hope when I reach 50, I will have more than enough money to go around the world! Well no one will work so hard but gain nothing eventually rite J.

Oh and I am starting to run again! Wah I am so happy when I can run 600m without have to stop here and there! Yay!

Okay need to continue doing my system :P


Verone said...

Uhuu! So nice you are able to run smoothly again :) I wish I can do that...yay! good on you for saving up those bucks for retirement!

CrysJoan said...

lol sa nga mo menabung lah ni.. hahhaha ukah om soira tih kakaraja..lol

Haryati Molly @ Tunung said...

Hahaha, sama la kita ni tata.. Sia pun baru mo start "running" balik after almost 5 year retired..hihihi
Haiya, me still trying to save up to invest for my retirement..

TataJane said...

Verone- wah buli tu after u fully recover! :)

Gurit- Silakan..Sdh la ko tu lmbt start kwsp..eheuu..hahah

haryati- yess! we can do it! I am joining the SuteraHarbour 7K run..heheh...

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